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Mar 5, 2014 11:00pm PST
president instead of natter at the president. kerry med with sergey lavrov. afterwards, he spoke of hope for de-escalation of tension. >> russia made a choice. and we have clearly stated that we believe it is the wrong choice, that is the choice to move troops into crimea. russia can now choose to de-escalate this situation. and we are committed to working with russia. and together with our friends and allies in an effort to provide a way for this entire situation to find the road to de-escalation. the united states is ready to work with all parties to make that happen and to make it happen as soon as possible. >> russian president vladimir putin has also spoken to angela merkel today. if diplomacy fails, the u.s. and its allies could put in sanctions against russia in a matter of days. howard fineman and michael mcfall. he's now a fellow at the hoover institution and an msnbc analyst. mr. ambassador, it's great to the united states is ready to work with all parties to make that happen and to make it happen as soon as possible. >> russian president vladimir putin has also spoken to angel
Mar 4, 2014 4:00pm PST
. now kerry is there today. formally, it said that he is there to find out what they need. but they could say that in an e-mail. we know what they need. they want money and military. he is there to try to chill this government out, because they've been doing provocative things that have been provoking the russians. if this is going to be our government, this so-called government in kiev, which was not elected, which overthrow the constitution, which deposed the president and has run parliament, it at least has to behave decently, or america and europe can't rally around it. i think that's what kerry is trying to do. can he do it? i don't know, because all politics are local. >> my thought, gene, i think the president went too far on friday. i think the president played his part in this escalation on friday. what do you think? it's been calm enough. >> i don't think the president did anything particularly wrong. you know, because what putin did was an aggressive move. i think the professor is right. i think the government in kiev has to figure a way to live with russia, which after a
Mar 3, 2014 11:00pm PST
said that john kerry, the secretary of state, and the president himself are making it clear that our interests in the region are for the freedom of the ukrainian people. their right to self-determination. for the rights of russians, by the way, and russian speakers in the region dealt with peacefully. and for respect for international law. those are things that they plan to pursue. i also think that they know that the right thing to do here is that probably not get into a swearing match or proto military confrontation with vladimir putin. you don't corner the animal. and that's sort of the situation we're in here right now. and they're trying to be cool and to ratchet down the rhetoric because they think that putin has overplayed his hand, and that they think they've got a way to get back, get back at him. the problem that the president has is that the europeans don't do what the united states wants anymore. and putin supplies most of the gas to western europe. and that's a problem. >> well, senators mccain, graham, and rubio have said sanctions against russia wouldn't be enough sayi
Feb 28, 2014 4:00pm PST
over two airports in crimea. >>> kerry kennedy expressing gratitude in new york after she was found not guilty of driving drugged. kennedy says she accidentally took a sleeping pill. >>> the death of philip seymour hoffman has been ruled accidental, saying he died of an acute mix of heroin and other drugs. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." whether it's still 884 days left until election day 2016. but the clinton machine is already revving up. everyone's got their part. as nbc's first read puts it, hillary will talk policy and be the statesman. bill will be the campaigner and the pac, the political action committee will handle rapid response. well, this week we saw it all take shape. today the rapid response team went into action when the clinton-leaning interest group american bridge, a pac founded by david brock of media matters, took aim at rand paul for dredging up the 1990s with this new web. here is part of it, this web ad. >> trust me. i was there the first time we litigated this, and americans didn't want to hear it then. this is just sheer insanity. >> this
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)